Tailored, adapted and cut just for you. Either you are just entering the market or you are already rocking it and want to scale. We are always here to help.

In-House Sales Team
Refined Sales Development

If you play the long game - this is the way to go. Assemble an internal sales team and start building your knowledge base from day 1. We will help you to build the whole playbook, hire the right people and start rolling with your first campaigns.

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Intro to data driven B2B sales

How to use data you generate and build a predictable pipeline

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ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) definition

Key part of the workshop, diving deep into your ideal customer picture, considering industries, regions, verticals, size & custom data

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TAM (Total Addressable Market) capture

Capturing total numbers of accounts you will be able to target

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ABM (Account Based Marketing) best practices

Introduction to ABM process, mapping, approaching and closing key accounts

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Guidelines to list building

Best practices of to-qualify list building, scraping and never running out of accounts to work on

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SaaS pricing

Constructing the best & optimal pricing considering your market, TAM, sales cycle, product complexity and sales model

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Sales recruitment process

Best practices of recruiting LRS (Lead Research Specialists), SDR (Sales Development Representatives) and AE (Account Executives)

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Weekly KPI’s tracking

Help you track your sales KPI’s, give insights and advice on shifts if necessary

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Outreach templates updates and adjustments

Constant help on your outbound messaging, tweaking and providing new templates on demand

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Outreach campaign tweaking and adjustments

Constant help on your outbound campaign steps & cadence, tweaking and adjusting it to market needs

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CRM setup + best practices

Picking the most suitable CRM for your company, setting it up, and sharing the best practices on how to maximize its effectiveness and keeping it tidy

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Cold calls and/or cold emails best practices

Best practices on different cold outreach channels, timing, and message content

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Cold email reply system

A system that keeps your mailbox clean and always following up on time. Never drop the ball again!

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Full qualification & outreach toolkit

Picking and introducing you to the optimal toolkit for your outreach needs

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Demo call best practices

Best practices on constructing and leading a demo/discovery call and making the right next steps

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Reporting system

A framework for detailed in-depth weekly KPI’s tracking consisting of key metrics you need to see

We believe that you might have quite some things covered if you already advanced with your sales process. This is the reason why our workshops are completely custom. Feel free to pick out any amount of topics relevant to you and receive a custom offer.

We can lift all the hard work off your shoulders. Take all the fuss out of your sales development process. A dedicated team of lead research specialists & sales development representatives without the in-house expense. Meant for those who are looking for hands-on results.

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Email infrastructure + deliverability setup

We will help you to prepare your domain for outbound sales. Including safety assurance and anti-spam measures.

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Outbound templates & A/B testing

Based on the best experience worldwide we will design custom messages for different markets/industries/personas/channels. We also have the ability to A/B test these templates on a big scale and tweak them according to results.

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Lead generation

Internal sales employees without a proper sales team structure will spend at least 60% of their time on non-selling activities. This mostly consists of lead research. Using our know-how we are able to cover this part productively.

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Omnichannel outreach & calendar-booking

A dedicated SDR’s will approach your key accounts using various channels for communication. Email, Phone, LinkedIn, Social, and other channels relevant to your ICP. You will receive calendar invites to qualified business meetings with your key accounts.

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Dedicated team (LRS, SDR, Account Manager)

This service includes a team of professionals focused exclusively on your business. Built on the principles of a specialized sales team. LRS will generate leads, SDR will outreach, AM will manage the whole operation and report directly to you.

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Weekly sync calls + regular support

A dedicated account manager will report directly to you. Measure what really matters. Get insights and trends to validate your ICP, analyze decision-maker responses, optimize SDR activities, and visualize your top-of-funnel sales success in real-time.

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With the minimal team size, we are looking to match these KPI’s (measured on B2B SaaS companies operating in Europe & North America)

Meetings booked:
Worst case = 8
Most likely = 16

Companies outreached: 2400
New opportunities: 7
New clients: 1

SALT works perfectly with startups & scale-up’s that are:

Launching a new service/product
Entering a new market
Looking to boost sales pipeline
In need of SDR resources
Looking to evaluate internal SDR team
Determined to move up-market
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