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Building Scalable
B2B Sales Systems

Your innovation sets the stage.
We back it with a future-proof AI outbound system.
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Perfect for Companies That

Struggle with Revenue Predictability

Tired of sales surprises?
We specialize in AI-powered systems that predict and stabilize your revenue flow, integrating strategic insights and deep sales automations to deliver reliable results.

Need a Scalable
Sales Engine

Looking to expand smoothly and efficiently?
Our engineered solutions are built to scale, from streamlining your GTM systems to refining your strategic approach, ensuring your sales capacity expands with your ambitions.

Desire Continuous Improvement

Committed to never-ending betterment?
Our solutions evolve with your business, leveraging AI data and process enhancements to keep you ahead in a dynamic market.

Steps we’ll take to
innovate together


Onboarding and Setup

Strategic Onboarding Engine

Once you decide to proceed, we'll send you a contract and provide access to our comprehensive onboarding engine. This is not a simple form but an intricate system that translates your detailed inputs into the backbone of your customized sales campaign. Completing this critical step, typically in less than an hour, sets the stage for your entire strategy.


Campaign Design and Approval

Initial Campaign Draft

We'll craft the first draft of your campaign, focusing on target signals and the planned sequence of interactions. Review the details, provide your insights, and then we make it ready for launch. It’s a collaborative process designed to align perfectly with your goals.



Connecting You with Qualified Leads

We manage the intricate details of email communications, nurturing leads up to the point they’re ready for direct engagement. As interested leads emerge, we'll promptly forward their details so you can connect directly and start building valuable relationships.


Continuous Optimization

Metrics Review and Iterative Improvement

Stay informed with weekly updates on campaign performance. We use these insights to refine ongoing campaigns and initiate new ones, ensuring your sales strategies are always evolving and improving to meet market demands.


Pricing Plan

Starting at 6000 €/mo
We're committed to long-term relationships, not quick fixes. Our pricing reflects our role as your strategic partner, engineering a sales system that develops and scales over time. Not focusing on random wins - success is built together and it does not happen overnight.
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AI System Integration
Custom AI solutions tailored to optimize your sales process.
Strategic Sales Consultancy

Expert advice and planning to enhance your sales strategies.

Continuous Sales Automation

Ongoing development and implementation of sales automation tools.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Access to advanced analytics for actionable insights and performance metrics.

Campaign Design and Execution

Development and management of tailored sales campaigns.

Sales Process Optimization

Continuous improvement of your sales processes based on the latest data.

Training and Support

Regular training sessions for you and your team to ensure effective use of all systems and strategies.

Account Management

A dedicated account manager to oversee your project and ensure all needs are met.

Lead Management and Nurturing

Techniques to nurture leads through the funnel. Ramping up to 3K+ qualified prospects per month added to the automation.

Technology Updates

Regular updates to technology and tools to keep your systems cutting-edge.


Hear from the companies who've transformed their sales processes and seen real results with our partnership

They think outside the box and are open to share knowledge and experience.

Rokas Zaveckas
Project Manager@Furnisystems

They have increased by 200% our lead gen flow.

MJ. Juozapaitis
CEO @Blazer Agency

Matas and the team are always looking for out of the box solution.

Povilas Steponavičius
Head of Sales @Bod Lenses

SALT Sales played a phenomenal role in our outbound efforts. We constantly saw meetings being booked with our key accounts. Their team is working with extreme precision based on data-driven insights.

Andrius Malinauskas
Co-Founder @ Whatagraph

The team at SALT is very professional, started with deep training sessions with our team to understand what are we doing and the differentiation of the product in the market. The work with Lukas was very pleasant and based on detailed reporting. Highly recommended.

Alex Green
Co-Founder & CEO @ PickyStory

SALT played key role in building our sales team from automating systems to structuring LRS flow. It's easy to work with them and they definitely ace the expectations

Benas Šidlauskas
Co-Founder @ Turing College

Meet the Minds Behind the Machine

Our team comprises industry veterans and innovative thinkers dedicated to redefining B2B sales. From AI engineering to strategic consulting, meet the people powering your sales success.

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Matas Povilauskas team photo
Matas Povilauskas
CEO & Co-Founder
Lukas Makšimas team photo
Lukas Makšimas
CBDO & Co-Founder

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