Predictable, sustainable and easily scalable pipeline.

You've developed a killer product. All you need now is just that pinch of sales salt. That's why we are here. To season your current setup with a reliable B2B sales playbook.

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The Problem

Close the gap

Week 1 Sales process Gap illustrationWeek 2 Sales process Gap illustrationWeek 3 Sales process Gap illustration
Week 1
  • SDR’s spending 80% of their time qualifying
  • AE’s have no meetings, are closing no deals
Week 2
  • SDR’s working on outreach and booking meetings
  • AE’s discovering, selling and closing
Week 3
  • SDR’s running out of qualified leads, barely keeping the pipeline alive
  • AE’s are rocking and wiping the pipeline clean

Specialized sales team + ABS Process

Account-based marketing, also known as key account marketing, is a strategic approach to business marketing based on account awareness in which an organization considers and communicates with individual prospect or customer accounts as markets of one.

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How We Can Help

Tailored, adapted and cut just for you.
Either you are just entering the market or you are already rocking it and want to scale. We are always here to help.

All services
In-House Sales Team
Refined Sales Development

If you play the long game - this is the way to go. Assemble an internal sales team and start building your knowledge base from day 1. We will help you to build the whole playbook, hire the right people and start rolling with your first campaigns.

Intro to data driven B2B sales
ABM (Account Based Marketing) best practices
TAM (Total Addressable Market) capture
Guidelines to list building
ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) definition
Weekly KPI’s tracking

We can lift all the hard work off your shoulders. Take all the fuss out of your sales development process. A dedicated team of lead research specialists & sales development representatives without the in-house expense. Meant for those who are looking for hands-on results.

Email infrastructure + deliverability setup
Outbound templates & A/B testing
Lead generation
Omnichannel outreach & calendar-booking
Dedicated team (LRS, SDR, Account Manager)
Weekly sync calls + regular support

Kind words from our clients

“SALT played key role in building our sales team from automating systems to structuring LRS flow. It's easy to work with them and they definitely ace the expectations.”

Turing College Co-Founder Benas Šidlauskas

Benas Šidlauskas

Co-Founder @ Turing College

Pickystory logo

“The team at SALT is very professional, started with deep training sessions with our team to understand what are we doing and the differentiation of the product in the market. The work with Lukas was very pleasant and based on detailed reporting. SALT delivered good results after a few weeks, and some of the leads started to convert into deals pretty quickly (obviously it depends on the company’s sales cycle). Highly recommended.”

Pickystory CEO Alex Green

Alex Green

Co-Founder & CEO @ PickyStory

“SALT Sales played a phenomenal role in our outbound efforts. We constantly saw meetings being booked with our key accounts. Their team is working with extreme precision based on data-driven insights.”

Focus Co-Founder Andrius Malinauskas

Andrius Malinauskas

Co-Founder @ Focus


Hey there !

We are a team of experienced sales and strategic thinkers, but mostly importantly we are doers.

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Matas Povilauskas
CEO & Co-Founder
Email Matas Povilauskas at matas@b2bsalt.comLinkedIn profile of Matas Povilauskas
Lukas Makšimas team photo
Lukas Makšimas
CBDO & Co-Founder
Email Lukas Makšimas at lukas@b2bsalt.comLinkedIn profile of Lukas Makšimas

SALT works perfectly with startups & scale-up’s that are:

Launching a new service/product
Entering a new market
Looking to boost sales pipeline
In need of SDR resources
Looking to evaluate internal SDR team
Determined to move up-market
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