Email Deliverability

11 actionable tips to skyrocket your email deliverability

You might have a perfectly crafted email, but your efforts will be pointless if your emails will be landing to SPAM.

Here are 11 actionable tips that will help you get into your prospects primary inbox:

1. Don’t use your primary domain for cold outreach.

Using your main domain for outbound is never a good idea. Instead, you should buy several different domains for cold outreach (ideally use Google/Outlook/Zoho as an email provider).

Let’s say your main domain is product.com, so companies like GoDaddy / Hostinger provide a lot of low cost domains like:

  • tryproduct.com
  • getproduct.com
  • product.ai
  • etc.

2. Technical setup of DMARC/DKIM/SPF/MX records.

It's the core stuff you have to fix before starting any outbound activities. Otherwise, you'll be simply wasting your time. You can double-check if your domain has these records here:


And here if you're using google workspace:


3. Use warm-up tools to prepare your mailbox

Ideally you should start with 1 mailbox per 1 domain. And increase number of mailboxes when necessary.

Once you got that set up and running, you need to start warming up at least 3-4 weeks before your cold outreach campaign.

The warm up should increase gradually to 40-50 emails/day with ±30% reply rate. And it should be running ALWAYS in the background of your campaigns.

4. Set daily sending limits and different sending times

After the warm-up, you should be sending no more than <50 emails / day / mailbox / domain. Sending more will increase your chance landing in SPAM in the long run.

Also, if your sequencer has the ability to send emails at random times - you should do that. As email servers can identify as a SPAM activity, if all the emails will be sent out at the same times each day.

5. Use {{variables}} or personalize your emails

All of your emails should be UNIQUE to every prospect.

This is important, because if all emails will look the same for everyone - servers will identify it and it will increase your chances of landing in SPAM.

6. Short, boring subject lines

Use 1-5 words boring subject lines that connect to your email body.

No {{firstname}}, no questions, because it’s shouting from afar - SALES EMAIL!!!

Ideally, you want it to seem like an internal email. And use different subject lines, as it’s the same with emails - if you’ll be sending the same subject line to everyone - it will increase your chance of landing in SPAM.

7. Clean your prospect data using email verification tools

This will help you to keep your emails from bouncing. You want to maintain your bounce rates below 5%, ideally below 3%.

Tools like:

QuickEmailVerification, ZeroBounce, MillionVerifier, and MailerCheck by MailerLite will allow you to avoid sending emails to invalid mailboxes.

8. Don’t use “unsubscribe” links

Instead, have something like a

“P.S. If you don't want to hear from me anymore, just let me know & I'll stop.”

This will help you to improve your mailbox and domain health by getting more replies (yes, even the negative ones).

9. Remove “SPAM” keywords

Using tools like Lavender or Mailmeteor to check your templates and remove words that triggers SPAM filters.

For e.g. having words/phrases “risk-free” / “urgent” / “sign up free”, etc in your email - most likely won’t land you into primary.

10. Clear and narrow ICP profiles

You need to have defined very clear and narrow ICP and buyer persona profiles.

This is a MUST in order to be relevant with your campaigns and target only the companies and people who will actually benefit from your product.

11. Disable tracking and avoid attachments

You should avoid tracking open/click rates of your campaigns as it decreases your deliverability. If you want to track open rate, at least track it by using custom tracking domain (most sequencers like Lemlist or Mailshake has this feature).

Also, you should NEVER attach any documents or URL’s in intro emails.

Tip: You can understand whether your emails are being opened or not by the amount of replies you’re getting.

There you have it, folks! If you apply these, I can GUARANTEE you that you'll see an improvement in your open rates in a short period of time.

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